Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

We operate mostly in and around the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area with no additional charges for travel.

However we do travel outside our immediate area including locations such as:

Memphis, TN • Chattanooga, TN • Knoxville, TN • Birmingham, AL • Huntsville, AL • Lexington KY

Please feel free to contact me for details concerning your location requirements. 


VMT can take case-related still photographs. Devices and products, scene inspections, macro, etc. Photographs can be used in tandem with a video to present the complete picture. Choose VMT to ensure the same professional impartiality as with all of our services.


We can record the document camera feed and then “mix” the document and deponent video files in post production to provide either a “split-screen” or “PIP” format for trial or mediation.

USB Drive Delivery – All our video is delivered on a convenient USB flash drive. This offers reliable and fast transfer of video files to a local hard drive or server without worrying about disk drive errors. Once the case is over, the drives can be re-used in your office.

We generally record “simple” depositions in standard definition (720×480 interlaced) because today, most courtroom playback equipment is limited to standard definition. DVD is still the normal media for that usage. 

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