Who we are

What we do is make video for business, but who we are is a small team of curious people. Curious about your business, what makes you special, what you’re experts in. We want to know the what, the why, the how–pick your brain and turn the findings into a video.

Not just any video, but a video that “brands” you. What makes you distinct and different from your competitors. Tells your customers, this is exactly why I need to choose you!

I have spent most of my years learning about business small and large, new and old, local and national. Our passion is to take what we learn from you and turn that into video content that can accomplish anything.

What is branded video content and why use it?

Branded video content is a way of advancing a specific message or mission while keeping your company in the background. Branded video content should be authentic, entertaining, usually under 60 seconds, and target your core audience.

Unlike traditional advertisements, branded videos don’t sell anything, in fact, most of this content doesn’t even mention the brand at all. Instead, branded video content helps humanize your business by connecting to viewers emotionally and strengthening your brand voice.

When & how should I use branded video content?

Branded video content is usually a great next step once you’ve grown a strong, core customer base and people are generally aware of your organization. Branded videos are great for building awareness and making connections with your customers. Consider using them as part of a PR campaign and for ongoing social media engagement.

What are some characteristics a great piece of branded video content?

  • Short and sweet
  • Not self-promotional
  • Tells a story
  • Feels genuine and authentic
  • Unique voice and point-of-view

Truth is, “national” court reporting firms DO NOT have court reporters on staff in every locale across the United States or the world.  Instead, they subcontract with local reporters and agencies.  Marketing and operating on a national scale is more expensive.  Paying investors and sales forces add costs to each transaction.  Higher operating costs and an additional layer of profit for these national firms result in higher prices for YOU, the consumer.  You can hire the same local videographers directly and save money in most cases.

You can save money by hiring locally for your out-of-state depositions too.  Contact your favorite videographer in your area and enlist their assistance in scheduling across the country or the globe.  You can borrow from their professional contacts and knowledge of the court reporting industry and rest assured that you’re getting a qualified referral at a competitive price.  Local firms are offering all of the convenience of one call does it all, just like the national firms, all while avoiding the ethical pitfalls of third-party contracting and other practices that not only undermine the integrity of your court records, but could render your transcript void in some jurisdictions.

Peel away the layers of profit.  Hire local reporters/videographers and SAVE!

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